Financing and donations

Financing and donations

We are financing the school by the means of local school fees, our child Support Program and donations.

To support a child:
$500.00 annually or $45.00 monthly - this includes the school fee, the school material and daily lunch for one child. If you would like to support a child, please contact us at

Other donations are highly appreciated and could contribute to the following projects planed for 2017/18:

- Organizing seminars and workshops on "Positive Discipline" and on "Prevention of sexual abuse, and violence"
- Improving the school area
- Construction of additional schoolrooms
- Construction of a powerhouse for water tanks and water pump - Purchasing a plot for to build a boarding house
- Construction of a housings for volunteers and teachers

Switbert Rutinwa Tibandekile and Johanna Sele-Rutinwa

Bank in Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinische Landesbank
Friends of Viktoria School Society
(Verein Freunde der Viktoria Schule)
Account: 0700 4200 1
IBAN: LI80 0880 0544 0700 4200 1
S.W.I.F.T. Code: LILA LI 2X

Bank in Tanzania
Viktoria English Medium School
Account: 0150016789400