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Annual Review 2013

Mwanza, March 2014

Annual Report 2013
In 2013 we taught 163 children in total. We had two kindergarten classes and grade first through fourth.
Thanks to the support of many people and institutions, who helped us financially and ideas and through voluntary work, we were able to reach all the goals we had set for 2013, except for obtaining a drinking water bore hole and the access to the public power supply.
· According to the growing infrastructure and the growing number of students, more staff members have been employed.
· There are one additional cook, one additional school bus driver, a secretary and new teachers.
· Overall, 20 teachers and two interns from Montessori-School now work at Viktoria Schools.
· In order to improve teaching quality and class management, a further training on Methods and Opportunities for Class Management has been conducted in cooperation with the local superintendent of schools.
· Furthermore, a partnership with Education Opportunity has been created. This foundation supports numerous schools in Tanzania with trainings and materials on teaching methods.
· Here is a link to the Website of the Opportunity Education Foundation:

Building Activities & Purchases
· During the last year, the construction of two additional classrooms and a staff room was finished. In addition, a storage room was built.
· We began to manufacture new furniture for classrooms and the staff room and also bought furniture for the secretary, as well as, a computer that was needed for administration.
· We bought two additional water tanks, because without those we would have gotten into huge problems during the dry season.
· Due to the growing number of students, we needed a second school bus which was purchased. At the moment, about 1/3 of the children use school buses.
· After having two thieves trying to steal our solar panels, we realized that we could not wait with building a fence around the school properties.
· The athletic ground has been improved and a football (soccer) field has been installed.
· All schoolbooks for fifth grade have been purchased.
· The construction of a second kindergarten building has begun.
· The financing of the first part of the construction of a multi-purpose hall has been ensured.

School Activities and Sponsors
· All Fourth grade students have passed the national exams with good or very good grades.
· A parent assembly was conducted. It included a performance by the students (drama and singing) and we received a lot of positive feedback. Some important topics like School tourism (numerous school exchanges of students), School fees (irregular payment), as well as, Disciplinary actions without physical punishment were discussed.
· A group (42) of children and staff members was able to make a trip to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro.
· The number of children financially supported from Europe has grown to 45.
· The Foundation Friends of Viktoria School was founded in Liechtenstein. It supports the school ideally and financially and is responsible for public relations and the school s interest in Liechtenstein. By now, a general assembly has been held and a Website has been made. The number of members was 36 at the end of 2013.
· A volunteer from Liechtenstein, as well as, several short-term volunteers have helped the school a lot in administrative, constructional and organizational areas.
Challenges and Goals
· Unfortunately we had to replace our headmaster, because there appeared discrepancy and dishonesty in his area of responsibility. After a close examination it became clear that a further cooperation was not possible, mainly because of the peculation of school money.
· The school bus created problems, which was a problem financially and concerning our time. We also had to change the garage because some repairs always had to be conducted on one place and we felt we could not trust the mechanics anymore.
· The adaption to the growing number of students was and is a big challenge for us. This also had consequences for the staff management, because teamwork and the clear delineation of responsibilities have to improve in order to have a stable and well-functioning team.
· For the years 2014/2015 we would like to finish building a multi-purpose hall, as well as, buildings for special purposes, like a computer room.
· We would also like to conduct further trainings for the staff, especially in the areas of methods and didactics, but also in organization and management.
· We would like to continue drilling for drinking water, as well as, supplying the whole school with power through the public power supply system.
· The purchase of computers for the students and a car for the administration is planned.
· We would like to build accommodation facilities for foreign volunteers as well as, finish building the football field and the kindergarten.
· And finally we will need to expand our staff.


The year 2013 was a very challenging year with many unexpected events. Sometimes we were close to despair. However, due to all the help and the moral support we could always take up courage and continue successfully.

We want to thank so many people, foundations and institutions without whom we could never have done what we accomplished.

Thank you so much! Asanteni sana!