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Annual Review 2012

Mwanza, February 2013

Annual Review 2012
On January 7, 2013 the new school year at Viktoria School began. We started with two groups in kindergarten as well as with one group each in the first, second, third and fourth grade with a total number of 158 school children. Our permanent staffs consist of 10 teachers, one cook, one driver, a watchman and a gardener.
Looking back at the past year we appreciate what has been realized in these past twelve months. Due to tremendous support and to the active help by people in Tanzania as well as in Europe we now profit from the efforts made during this past year.

Projects successfully completed:
Company foundation:
We established a company under the name Viktoria Memorial Limited by guarantee, non-profit-oriented . Viktoria Schools is a project of this company. Non-profit oriented means any profit, which may occur will be reinvested into the company. In wake of the company s establishment a board was founded, which secures that the objectives of the company are put into reality.

Building activities and purchases:
Two new classrooms were built, so that we now have a total number of five functioning classrooms for grade 1 to grade 5 and a kindergarten for pre-primary 1 and 2
All classrooms were equipped with cupboards for teaching material
A workshop and storage room was built to support the ongoing building activities and the managerial maintenance of the school
The kitchen and the kitchen store room were extended
All necessary school books were purchased
The play-and sport ground were equipped with goal posts, volleyball nets and basketball baskets
The water supply was improved through purchasing of two additional 5,000 litre tanks and an additional clean water filter
Three solar panels were installed for a better power supply for computer, photocopy machine and security illumination at night
A school garden was initiated while the plantation of the school area with further trees and hedges was extended; potatoes and bananas could already be harvested and have been improving the meals served at school
Sports clothes could be purchased for nearly all children
More purchases were made for Montessori playing material for the kindergarten, which has been renamed into Muheimali (Liechtenstein dialect for cosy home)

Sponsors could be found for another nine children, so that currently 44 children are sponsored

In the past months we faced several challenges that had to be dealt with next to the daily work. One of these challenges proved to be the school bus, which had to be pushed to work during mornings a couple of times. Another consisted of fighting off thieves attempting to steal our solar panels at night, and exposing fake tax officials and fake teachers diplomas. Yet another challenge to be faced was the loss of 7,000 litre of water that vanished over night. A challenge that remains acute for the coming year is the attempt to get clean drinking water on the premises. Unfortunately our first trial of a borehole proved to be unsuccessful.
Retrospectively we have learned from these challenges. Both, our successfully completed projects as well as the adverse events we lived through, now allow us to look back at 2012 as a truly rich year .

Activities already initiated and planned for the coming year 2013/2014:
Building of additional classrooms and a second kindergarten room due to constantly rising number of school children
Building of a bigger room for the teaching staff as the present one does not meet the current needs
Purchasing a second school bus due to the increase in school children
Building of a multi-purpose hall for the midday meal as well as for further trainings and events for the community
Further educational training of the current teaching staff
Hiring new teaching and non-teaching staff
Further drilling for ground water to support the growing water supply
Purchasing computers for teaching
Getting connected to the public power supply system
Fencing of the school area
Building of an accommodation to be used for potential volunteers
Founding the association Friends of Viktoria School , which will represent the school in Liechtenstein this foundation could be realized at the beginning of this year

We keep being motivated to put all our energy and passion into investing in Viktoria School. We are interested in meeting new milestones in our project and in the cooperation with the village community in order to provide our students and employees with the best training and infrastructure possible.

In order to realize our projects we hope and pray for continuous and generous support.