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Annual Review 2014

Students and Staff
On January 6th 2014 we started with 175 children. Unfortunately that was not the number we hoped for. After analysing the situation we concluded that we needed to invest in advertisement. Also, we needed to be patient; up to the end of 2014 the number of students rose to 212 children. Our staff team was increased by four members, three new teachers and a gardener.
Volunteers:Sophie Große-Rüschkamp from Hamburg, Germany joined the school in September 2014. She will stay for one year to help with administration, to advertise the school online and to help in general schoolwork.

Benjamin Gaum from Tostedt, Germany joined the school in October 2014 and stayed with us until January 2015. He was much involved in the sport activities and, as well as, in the administration. Supported ChildrenThe number of children financially supported from Europe has grown to 53.

School Activities
EDFO (Educating Developing Facilitating Organization Ltd), a local organization focusing on capacity building, conducted training for the whole staff. Their Webpage is This was challenging for everyone involved, nevertheless it was a good way to improve teamwork and team stabilization. One of the outputs was, the creation of job description for everyone. Training on Construction and Input of Montessori material was also conducted. Another training on Input of materials was conducted through the Opportunity Education Foundation ( The Mwanza School Inspectors Team conducted training on how to create a friendly environment at the school. The aim was to change the culture of using force for class management. This year for the second time our standard four students took part in the MEMSA (Mwanza English Medium School Association) and National exams. All students passed - the results were even better than last year. A group of children and staff members was able to make a trip to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and to Lake Manyara National Park.
A tree planting project took place in November 2014. On the school complex 70 trees were planted with the students. Please see project report at this site. A parents meeting was held in December 2014 to review the year and to plan for 2015.

The construction of the second kindergarten (including a storage room) was finished in February so that the children were able to move in in March. Additionally, the furniture for the new classrooms (class six and seven) and the staff room were finished. In the context of the training on Input of materials many helpful materials were given to the school. Shelves were made by a carpenter for the storage room, to store the teaching material and school and administration supplies. Multi-purpose hall

In April we started building the multi-purpose hall. The storage of building material was a challenge and rooms had to be used that were used as a workshop before. Therefore a simple roof was constructed outside where craftsmen could continue their work.The multi-purpose hall will be used for the following activities:

Canteen & lunchroom for the children who are currently eating outside

School and sports events (indoor games)

Seminars, trainings and meetings with other organizations

Self-help groups

Community and private events this will also improve the income of the school

In general, the construction work is a big challenge for us, especially financially, but also in building inspection, material and water supply. However, finally we were able to finish the roof and the walls. This allows the children to eat in the multipurpose hall during the rain season. The children are able to use our new football playground and for 2015 some football games with other schools are planned. At the end of the year the process of obtaining electricity for the whole school from the public power company was in the final phase. All around the school electricity pools are set and we expect any moment to get connected.

A car for the administration was purchased which helps a lot because the school is outside of town. A new garage for vehicle service and repairs was found and we are still happy with the service. In June Johanna and Switbert travelled to Liechtenstein where they helped in public relations. In cooperation with Freunde der Viktoria Schule and Midanand , a Flea market was conducted, which advertised the school and provided us with more financial aid.

Perspective for 2015/16
The building of the multipurpose hall will continue Connecting electricity Starting a hostel (boarding school for children from standard IV onwards) Further activities for teamwork and better organizational structure will be conducted. Construction of new classrooms including a computer room and a library/media room Purchase of computers Construction of a entrance gate Bore hole for water Accommodation facilities for volunteers

We want to thank all the private people, foundations, institutions, villages, schools, societies and the Friends of Viktoria Schools society, who helped us to make the year 2014 to be a successful year for Viktoria Schools.

Thank you so much! Asanteni sana!